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Dreamflesh Journal

A Journal of Ecological Crisis & Archaeologies of Consciousness

Dreamflesh Journal Volume 1

I felt EXCITED as I read. No mean feat. I truly was inspired.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

A bastion of the esoteric.

The Guardian

Intelligent, literate, and well produced.

Fortean Times

As converging ecological problems such as climate change and resource depletion challenge the foundations of modern civilization, behind the obvious and urgently needed practical responses lay myriad psychosocial, religious and mythical issues that can only become more pressing. The reframing and revival of “archaic” notions such as magic, polytheism, first-hand experience-based spirituality, and animistic engagement with the natural world offer fresh and potentially vital paradigms for meeting these vast ecological threats with coherence and integrity.

Dreamflesh Journal aims to document an eclectic range of ideas, investigations and experiments informed by this complex ecopsychological framework. Essays, interviews and art will range over many facets of human and non-human life that seem to be important to this transition: dreams, altered states, visionary media, occultism, sexuality & gender, animism, collective intelligences, psychosomatic healing, bodily symbolism, cognitive linguistics, new materialism, creatively disciplined prehistorical and anthropological studies, images & spirit (iconoclasm, idolatry, anthropomorphism, fetishism), death & dying, depth psychology, ecology… to name a few.

Dreamflesh Journal is a self-funded labour of love, created to inspire and connect. Any money made is invested back into the journal and/or related non-profit publishing.

Volume One

Dreamflesh Journal Volume 1 cover

Volume One is out now, featuring contributions from Amodali, Pablo Amaringo, Bella Basura, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Jennifer Dumpert, Claire Fauset, Stephen Grasso, Richard Heinberg, Michael Ortiz Hill, Lars Holger Holm, Dave Lee, Donal Ruane and Peter Lamborn Wilson. More ยป

Journal suspended for now…

For various reasons, Dreamflesh Journal has been suspended for now. Volume One is still available!

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