About Dreamflesh

Among many other things, we’re concerned with overcoming dualisms — or failing that, making them more interesting. With intellectual rigour and deep respect for the living moment, we draw inspiration up from the past, down from the future, and into the liminal present.

Psyche / Body
/ Ecology
And everything in between

Dreamflesh was initiated as a website around 2003, serving as a personal blog for Gyrus, and a repository for a lot of the stuff he’d published independently during the ’90s. The first volume of a print journal surfaced in 2006 (the editorial of which is a good guide to the seminal angles of Dreamflesh). The current incarnation of this site emerged in 2017 as a result of faltering efforts to resurrect the journal, which fed into the revamping of the online blog.

Areas of interest include but aren’t limited to: embodiment, depth psychology, new materialism, psychedelic consciousness, metaphor and literalism, ecopsychology, myth and narrative, big history, renegade spiritualities, healing, sexuality, queer ecology, alchemy, hunter-gatherer culture, socio-psychologies, nothingness, overcoming nihilism.

We prize skilful blends of solid research, twisted insight, and gentle generosity.