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Volume One

Dreamflesh Volume One cover

The first installment of Dreamflesh Journal is a florid and protean collection of ideas, investigations and experiments weaving together altered states, ecology, healing, mythology, magic and prehistory.

In A5 book format, 192 pages of essays, interviews and art explore the most fruitful gaps in our dualist heritage. With original cover art by Amodali, and a free A3 pull-out poster by Pablo Amaringo, it’s a feast for the senses as well as the mind.

I felt EXCITED as I read. No mean feat. I truly was inspired.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

A bastion of the esoteric.

The Guardian

Intelligent, literate and well-produced.

Fortean Times

ISBN 0955419603

Format: A5 perfect-bound book
Pages: 192


PDF Editorial

Gyrus introduces Dreamflesh Journal. Available to download as a PDF (143 KB).

Endtime Healing: An Interview with Michael Ortiz Hill

A discussion with the author of Dreaming the End of the World: Apocalypse as a Rite of Passage, Gathering in the Names: A Journey into the Land of African Gods and The Village of the Water Spirits about the mythical foundations of the Bomb, envisioning ecological catastrophe and Michael’s attempts to build bridges back from America to Africa via the realm of dreams.

The Mythic Breath

Chaos magician Dave Lee discusses intensive breathwork—the better-known guises of which are Rebirthing, Vivation and Holotropic Breathing—in relation to the mythical images presented in the Norse tradition.

My Dream Self and Me

Jennifer Dumpert, a prolific dreamer and writer on feminism in American Buddhism, discusses a remarkable process in her dream life that resulted in the discovery of her dream self as a distinct entity, with tastes, fears, and perspectives of her own.

Bread, Cheese & Wine: The holy trinity of the Earth

In this extract from his book Dionysos: A Sinuous Essay to Divine the Universe, Lars Holger Holm discusses the “spiritual gut feeling” aroused by a gastro-mythical approach to the three rustic pillars of French cuisine.

Between the Lines

A poem by performer and activist Claire Fauset.

Em’balm: Restoration Ritual

Australian occultist Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule documents the evolution, in collaboration with Giselle Aquila, of a rejuvenatory ritual based on the Egyptian embalming rites for the dead.

Strawberry Fair, Armpit Hair

Baby-Crone Bella Basura on the cultural history and personal power of female body hair.

Shaman Sabio by Pablo Amaringo (c)

Stories on a Stick: An Interview with Donal Ruane

Film maker Donal Ruane discusses his experiences as an apprentice ayahuasquero in the Peruvian Amazon, and the documentary that has emerged from this process. Accompanying this interview is a free full-colour A3 pull-out of a stunning painting (right) by noted Peruvian visionary artist Pablo Amaringo, who is interviewed extensively in the documentary.

Twilight of the Oil Economy: An Interview with Richard Heinberg

The author of The Party’s Over and PowerDown discusses Peak Oil, the crossing of the high-point of world oil production, and the wide-ranging impact this and related energy resource issues will have on modern civilization.

Feeding the Bone Orchard

Occultist Stephen Grasso examines the Western tradition’s blindspot for relating to ancestors, and explores the way other cultures—from the syncretic religions of Latin America to Japanese Shinto—ritualize the centrality of ancestors to their spiritual world.

Ploughing the Clouds

An edited transcript of a 1994 lecture by philosopher Peter Lamborn Wilson, discussing various orthodox and heretical theories of “origins”—of consciousness, of social structures, of the state—with a view to creating a multi-model approach to the paradoxically unknowable and uncannily close realm of human prehistory.

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