Bella Basura

Bella Basura

Writer, performer, and fictional character. She has written and self-published numerous pamphlets and 2 full novels over a span of some twenty-five or more years.

‘Strawberry Fair Armpit Hair’, the piece she originally wrote in 2005 for Dreamflesh Journal 1 was abridged and reprinted in 2016 in Under The Skin (a themed-issue of Novelty Magazine). Bella Basura is name-checked in The Headpress Guide to The Counter-Culture and has her writing published in Headpress Journal, Dreamflesh, Cambridge Creates Anthology, In Other Words Anthology and Silver Wheel Journal of British Witchcraft.

She maintains and writes content for a number of websites, showcasing and archiving her fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, non-fiction and psycho-geographical writings. Since 2015 Bella Basura has taken to the stage, performing her writings widely, notably at Strawberry Fair, Umbrella Fair and Mill Road Winter Fair.

During 2017 Bella Basura is mainly performing from The Short Answer – a chapbook collection a dozen 100 word flash fictions, self-published in January 2017 and available from Esoterranean Books on etsy.

Bella Basura is now looking to work with a psyche-rock band.



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