Writer based in north London. Obsessions include tricksters, hunter-gatherer culture, nondualism, and Alan Partridge. He's the author of North (2014), and the publisher behind the acclaimed underground journals Dreamflesh (2006) and Towards 2012 (a long time ago).

He grew up in the fenlands of south Lincolnshire, and studied film and drama at the University of Reading. After graduating in 1993, he moved to Leeds, becoming immersed in DIY zine culture, the exploration of megalithic monuments, and the campaign against the Criminal Justice Bill. He edited and published The Unlimited Dream Company zine and Towards 2012 journal, and wrote the pamphlets The Devil & the Goddess and Verbeia: The Goddess of Wharfedale.

In 1999 he moved to London to work building websites, and since 2005 he has specialised in WordPress websites for charities and non-profits. The launch of Dreamflesh Journal in 2006 was soon sidelined by plans for a book emerging from research in the ’90s which converged on the significance of the pole star. This manifested in 2014 as the epic study North: The Rise and Fall of the Polar Cosmos.

Gyrus is just one gifted and highly independent Western truth seeker, but I believe him to be one of the very best. For his writing alone, Gyrus is worthy of our trust. But for his superb and enduring research, he is worthy of our deep gratitude.

Julian Cope (from the foreword to Archaeologies of Consciousness)

I felt EXCITED as I read. No mean feat. I truly was inspired.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (on Dreamflesh Journal editorial)

I experienced an explosion of insight, elegant thinking, and funny writing.

Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn (on War & the Noble Savage)

An excellent job on a most central topic.

Dale Pendell, author of Pharmako/Poeia (on War & the Noble Savage)

A big visionary sweep executed with erudition and imaginative insight.

Patrick Harpur, author of Daimonic Reality (on North)

… a most original and penetrating scholarly mind.

Dr Robert J Wallis, Professor of Visual Culture, Richmond University, London (on Archaeologies of Consciousness)


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