New website of information on sex-enhancing drugs

The consciousness explorer David Jay Brown (of the recently revamped Mavericks of the Mind interviews website) seems to be having a new website blitz. Now, following from his series of US workshops with the wonderful sexologist / performance artist, Dr Annie Sprinkle, he’s launched a site dedicated to information about various "pro-sexual" drugs, herbs and nutrients.

Email spam has pretty much bludgeoned the image of Viagra into a sleazy, ignorable part of my worldview, so seeing some less commercially-minded information on the subject is refreshing, reminding me that Viagra spam is just the crass, visible end of a phenomena that, at least, shows that people want to be more sex-positive—even if as a society we still struggle. There are concise run-downs on each of the major sex-enhancing substances, together with some advice on buying that I guess would help scythe through the overgrown, confusing marketplace for these things.

There’s also, on the Mavericks of the Mind site, a brief background piece on chemo-eroticism. Conversely, the Sex and Drugs site hosts a few interviews with leaders in the fields of smart drugs, neurochemistry, longevity and chemical therapies. Watch out for forthcoming Sex and Drugs book by David and Annie, too…

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