Some art/porn via Fleshbot

OK, hello again to anyone who checks in here expecting me to at least put my head around the door every now and then. Just a brief post to pass along some links that have grabbed me. I discovered Fleshbot shortly following its launch a few weeks ago, and just found some wonderfully sensual, interesting art/porn linked from there: four pieces from two artists. There’s Jason Salavon’s Every Playboy Centrefold, The Decades (superimpositions of all Playboy centrefolds, according to decade — an overload of glamour melting into diaphanous, evocative washes) and the similarly inspired 76 Blowjobs. And there’s practicing analyst Ashkan Sahihi’s Cumshots (real, and quite beautiful) and Armpit Series (such an exquisite erogenous zone, warmly portrayed).