Back on the wires

Clouds and wires in Walthamstow

It seems web service outsourcing is the way forward. When you work all day (OK, most of the afternoon and the odd night or two) designing and coding websites, you tend to lose a little enthusiasm for constructing your own site. Further, web apps are getting good, with less leeway for those “I could do this better” annoyances. Flickr is a current favourite, home to the photo to the right here (I find these rain-laden, sun-touched clouds unutterably beautiful). And in any case, I’m trying to get this thing going as quickly as possible, ready for my imminent travels; thus, my blog’s here on Blogger. And you can talk back!

This blog resurrection may end up being a travel journal, and then sink back into obscurity; if so, so be it. I just thought blogging would be a good way to digest my own journey, save mass emails back to friends, and generally document the process. Because I’m not off to some remote rural spot for wordless introspection, as is my wont (thought I’m hoping to catch some of that, too); no, I’m off to America. A mere 7 months after seriously toying with the idea of a personal US cultural boycott in the wake of the last American election.

Sure, I’m repelled as well as fascinated by the place as much as anyone. But I’m probably going to be interacting with the fascinating end of things more, visiting New York for just short of a week, and then San Francisco and the Bay Area for the rest of my four weeks. There’s the 2005 Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams to check out, interesting people aplenty to say hello to, and a country with much of the world in its brash, nervous hands to absorb and fathom.

Before all that, next weekend I’ve been invited by Jeff Gormly to attend Framemakers, a fascinating-sounding event hosted by a dance company in Limerick, Ireland. Subtitled “A symposium that explores a world understood in terms of relations, order and ecologies”, it resonates with, and promises to resolve more clearly, my recently hatched plans to start up a new print-based journal – Dreamflesh, of course. More on that later…

Strange Attractor Journal 2 cover

I’ll leave you with a little plug for the new Strange Attractor Journal (cover left), a finely eclectic occultural tome, and yet another thread of inspiration weaving into my ideas for Dreamflesh. Check it out.

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