Firefox ScrapBook

Amidst my return to England, and all the flat-hunting and work-hunting that entails, I’m trying to pull together my many thoughts triggered by the May 2006 issue of Wired, with its feature on the “Neo-Greens”.

Reading what seems to be a key text in this “what the fuck are we going to do about this shit we’re in?!” debate, ‘The Death of Environmentalism’, I was struck with the burning need for something that would help me keep track of choice quotes from the essay. So I searched around the Firefox Extensions library, and found just the thing: ScrapBook.

It’s got a bunch of options, but if you use Firefox and regularly do research on the web, even its most basic functions should prove very useful. From the menu on the toolbar or the context menu, just select ‘Capture Page As…’ to set options for saving the page you’re on in ScrapBook. Once it’s saved, you can open the ScrapBook version and use a highlighter tool to pick out quotes.

There are extensions that let you highlight text on original web pages, but the ones I found don’t seem to be able to persist them, so they’re still there when you get back. There’s a bunch of “annotation” tools that do just this, but the highlighters don’t seem to.

In any case, ScrapBook fulfils the same function, only on a local copy of the page. Plus, you can add annotations, undo stuff, capture selections, and organise everything in folders. Just the ticket.

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