Exploring the Megalithic Mind in Malta

Hagar Qim, Malta

The ever-clued-up Bob Trubshaw just brought an exciting-looking week-long conference in Malta to my attention:

Metageum 2007: Exploring the Megalithic Mind
An inter-disciplinary international conference on approaches to understanding the origins of our megalithic legacy
– The Caraffa Stores, Birgu, Island of Malta
– 3rd-11th November 2007

Speakers that I’m familiar with include earth mysteries maestro Paul Devereux, ayahuasca phenomenologist Benny Shanon and neo-shamanism scholar Robert Wallis. I’m sure there’ll be some good surprises alongside them.

Besides the chance to explore Malta’s astonishing megalithic monuments, there’s a fantastic openness to “experiential” goings-on in evidence. Especially exciting are New York’s Body Temple troupe, who are facilitating trance-dance workshops throughout the week.

I’ve signed up. Maybe see you there?

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