Metamorphic in the UK

Lyved Sunset - copyright NTPL/Mark Bradshaw - used for promotional purposes only

Australia’s Orryelle Defenestrate, Dreamflesh Journal contributor and world-circling harlequin and occult performer, is in the UK for a series of dates, including a production at Lyveden New Bield (near Peterborough – above). From his mailout:

14 Sep 2007, 6pm – Lyveden New Bield – near Oundle, Peterborough, Northampton Shire, PE8 5AT – about 90 mins north of London.

Two Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Productions in one day at this beautiful olde haunted mansion in the British countryside. Beginning at 6pm to culminate at dusk, Parzival: The Fool’s Journey -the classic tale of the Tarot’s protagonist – is reworked as the errant knight Parzival seeks the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny.

Co-devised and performed by Orryelle (Metamorphic Ritual Theatre, Australia) and Ilaktra (Travesty Theatre, Canada), with additional UK performers.

In the evening, 8 Gates -Orryelle’s solo play/shamanic journey exploring threads between different incarnations upon the Web of Wyrd as refracted through the Well of ReMemBrance. Norse Gods, fly agaric mushrooms, prehistoric atavisms, the unavoidable void and the density of matter… Orryelle has extended this production for a deeper exploration of its themes of reintegration of the spirit/flesh split.

This is the first of 3 UK Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co. productions organized and promoted by Theatre of Ophidian UK. Their affiliation with ‘Fright Nights’ Supernatural Investigations has allowed access to venues and locations of considerable magickal history which promise to enhance the atmosphere of these ritual theatre performances.

Cost 10 pounds. For tickets/further info, contact The Theatre of Ophidian.

The other two are at The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham (21st September) and Portland Arms in Cambridge (27th September). I can’t make any, but will be at Orryelle’s more musical night, along with his art exhibition and a performance from Raagnagrok, “Europe’s heterosexual synth duo of choice”. That’s at the Horse Hospital in London on the 28th.

Orryelle was passing through Bristol and last night I showed him Darren Aronofsky’s excellent film The Fountain, which tripped him out with its synchronous resonance with the performances he’s doing here. Funnily enough, I heard his surname – “defenestrate” – used as normal English in an economics report on the World Service the day before he arrived, so evidently something’s aligning here…