Sometimes things move fast.

In March I attended the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, and was glad to discover there Dale Pendell, a Renaissance anarchist: poet, botanist, psychonaut, Buddhist, scientist, magician. I recorded a small group discussion with him there, and immediately plunged into his unique books on my return: Pharmako/Poeia, Pharmako/Dynamis, Pharmako/Gnosis and Walking With Nobby..

Recently, Dale contracted me to build him a website, which was—as you’d imagine—a deal more pleasurable to work on than much of the rent-paying work I end up doing.

When I first delved into web design, I had an idea for a site called Palaeogenesis, which I thought of as: “the study of archaic creativity”, “the creative study of the archaic” and “the creation of the archaic”. I got as far as a basic look and feel, but other directions took over.

Anyway, when Dale said he wanted a “palaeo-alchemical” feel for his site, I immediately found myself, with relish, reconnecting to that abandoned current of design in me. I quite like the result. To check it out, and read more about this splendid writer, visit dalependell.com. (Note that users of Internet Explorer 6 and—goddess forbid—below won’t get the full translucent design loveliness. Upgrade!)

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