Dreamflesh suspended

It’s with a little sadness that I’ve decided to suspend Dreamflesh Journal.

Publication of Volume 2 got pushed forward by Archaeologies of Consciousness, and now was the time I’d slated to get things moving again. As it stands, the economy’s slowing (if not collapsing completely, disguised by short-term measures and wishful thinking). And while I’ve a number of exciting things ready for the next one, being non-profit and non-paying, it’s always a case of chasing and tracking down contributions rather than getting any great unsolicited material. I could make things work with some extra effort, but actually I find myself drawn ever deeper into some research and writing that I want to devote more time to.

Note that this is a suspension rather than a cancellation. I’ve no idea how long this might last, but I do want to leave the door ajar. That said, I’d rather formally put a hold on things than let the journal drift further into an undignified, unannounced hiatus.

For now, both Dreamflesh Vol. 1 and Archaeologies have been slightly reduced in price for direct online sale: both are now £7 (UK) or £9 (Rest of World), including postage and packing.

I’ll be posting more juiciness here on the site as a result: leftover content from Vol. 2, old material from Towards 2012 that I’ve not got round to posting, and eventually the contents of Dreamflesh Vol. 1. Watch this space…