Libra Aries and the C-Realm

Flyer for Libra Aries tea party

On Sunday I did my first real public talk, promoting Archaeologies of Consciousness at the wonderful Libra Aries bookshop in Cambridge. I’m sure the short course on public speaking that I did near the end of last year in Bristol helped (run very ably by John Dawson). But in the end, I just wonder why I’ve avoided public speaking for so long. Maybe I’ve changed, but I didn’t really get nervous, and really enjoyed it. I read out a short piece I wrote for the event, in the hope that I would kick off what to me would be the most interesting aspect: questions and discussion. Luckily the audience—quite small, but packing out the cosy venue—was engaged and lively, full of interesting information and searching questions.

Here I am casting a spell over my books to make them sell…

Gyrus at Libra Aries books

Many thanks to the generous hosts, Tim and Jean. If you’re in Cambridge, or passing through do pop in and check out their great selection of alternative literature—from occult works to arts & crafts, self-sufficiency to trangressive culture. My talk was their first of their “Sunday tea afternoons” in a while. In the past they’ve had people like Nigel Pennick, Gordon McLellan; watch out for future events if you’re in the area.

As a kind of warm-up for this, last week I was interviewed for the first time, by KMO at the C-Realm Podcast—to discuss my book of essays and also to wax woolly about the planet’s near future. I’ve not listened to it yet, but while I remember waffling a bit, a I recall it being an enjoyable waffle. Do check out KMO’s impressive archive of podcast interviews—the remit is right up Dreamflesh’s street. With people like Douglas Rushkoff, Jeremy Narby and Ran Prieur talking about subjects like psychedelics, sustainability and transhumanism, it’s a brilliant, stimulating mix. I’m both pleased and a bit daunted to rub shoulders with this bunch.

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