Number ones

Haven’t been tagged with a blogging meme for a while, so I thought I’d honour Merrick nominating me for this one. The idea is to find five searches that your site appears at number one in Google for, and then tag five other blogs. Sexual content in the searches gets a bonus, which is actually more than just healthy puerility; the internet being what it is, ranking high for obscenities is a real acheivement.

I’ll preface this with a little caveat. Google’s search results often vary from domain to domain (i.e. from to, and also from time to time. The following I found hitting the #1 spot on, today.

Actually, I’m pipped to the post on that last one by a vast page of Throbbing Gristle reviews, but I think even a #2 spot for that phrase deserves acclaim.

For what it’s worth, I’ll tag Joel Biroco, Mark Pilkington, Natasha Young… and I’ll stop there. I always run out of people to tag—maybe that’s a good thing.

P.S. Just checking the above links before posting, I found that in the time between first searching and writing this, in the “strap-on transexual freud devil” search result my #1 hit had been replaced by a PDF of the same content that’s been uploaded to Mine hasn’t even been nudged to #2—it’s just gone. I’ve flicked through the next few pages of results and couldn’t find the page before I became queasy. (Really, some of the other things alongside in the results for the above are for the extremely jaded only.)

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