Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Cthulhucene

Cover of NorthThis was first published on the now-retired website, a companion site for the book North: The Rise & Fall of the Polar Cosmos by Gyrus – an epic, animism-infused history of cosmology. Check out more information, or buy from Strange Attractor Press.

I think I’m a little bit in love with Donna Harraway after watching this talk.

My book North kind of stops in the present, spending too much of its energy in the past to conjure up visions of the future. Here, Harraway tackles some similar subject areas as North does — historical modelling, an animistic sense of the world, climate change, Lovecraftian ecopsychology — and stands with a tentacle in the past, a tentacle┬áin the present, and many tentacles in the near future.