So, this is why the Dreamflesh blog has been quiet for quite a while. This is the book I’ve been working on for a good seven years, and which has roots stretching all the way through my adult life.

There’s an accompanying website where you can find out more about the book, and where I have been and will be posting a wide array of related material: sections that had to be cut from the book developed into essays, extended footnotes, alternative perspectives and corrections, book reviews, interesting links… If you’re interested in cosmology, animism, anthropology and ecopsychology (which I’m guessing you are if you’re reading Dreamflesh!), then do follow this website. There’s an RSS feed, and stuff will be cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter. There’s also an email list, which you can sign up for at the top and bottom of each page on the site – you’ll get notified of all new content on the site.

Most importantly, please support independent publishing by buying the book direct from Strange Attractor.

Please spread the word!

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