SIREN are an all-female dance music collective in London, throwing queer parties and promoting women and non-binary artists. This is their third zine, an eclectic embrace of literature, architecture, poetry and photography within the generous matrix of dance culture — and it’s well worth grabbing.

Yanking a print zine out of the social media flow is like a respite from a complex torrent of interlocking streams, stepping into a quiet series of interlocking pools and hot tubs. You can really sink in to each idea and image. You might hop from one to another but along the way you get space to reorient your mind.

We kick off here with a dip into Ursual Le Guin’s ‘carrier bag theory’, which suggests, contra 2001, that the first transformative tool was not a weapon, but a bag. Holding diversity rather than asserting unity. Following from this anti-heroic evolutionary baseline, there’s brief interviews with electronic artists Elysia Crampton, Cosy Fanni Tutti, and Kelly Lee Owens (whose great debut album is currently exciting my ears), and with Swedish architectural collective MYCKET (I’d have liked to hear more about their application of queer theory to architectural design). Rachel Locke introduces DIY synths and hardware hacking, and artist Opashona Ghosh presents her bold, delightful takes on astrological imagery.

Halfway through reading it I had to put it down and do some writing. That’s a zine doing what it’s supposed to do.

Check it out.