A couple of years ago several recommendations from friends pushed me to check out the Weird Studies podcast. They’d mentioned my book North, and I really enjoyed the episodes I listened to. We made contact and floated the idea of me coming on to discuss North, but we never got round to it.

Last year, as lockdown and sciatica conspired to keep me inactive, podcasts became a lifeline to the human voice and stimulating ideas, and Weird Studies became a favoured staple. I ploughed through every episode from the beginning and had a great time doing so.

In light of the fact that in recent years my research into Pan — which gave rise to the essay ‘Sketches of the Goat-God in Albion‘ in 2010 — has roused itself and is gradually exploring new territory, and the fact that Pan is a deeply important figure presiding over the Weird, it’s very apt that when we got round to recording an interview for the podcast, it was the goat-god who took centre stage. Please enjoy this lively, capricious even, conversation between me, and the inimitable WS hosts Phil Ford and J.F. Martel: https://www.weirdstudies.com/102