Reality Report part 1

On the summer solstice eve in 1997 I was in The Red Lion pub in Avebury, getting drunk with friends and poring over the latest Towards 2012, my journal which had just arrived from the printers. A friend introduced me to Matthew Watkins, who not only turned out to be someone also fascinated by Terence McKenna’s predictions about 2012, but someone who had just the previous year presented McKenna with his objection to the mathematics underlying his predictions.

In any case, Matthew and I had loads to talk about, and it’s perhaps odd that we’ve only bumped into each other sporadically since then. Recently he’s been running a site called The Reality Report, posting long video conversations with friends and strangers about anything and everything cosmic, bizarre, psychedelic, and generally fascinating.

A few weeks ago — 20 years after we met! — he invited me over to his caravan home just outside Canterbury, to do an interview. It was a beautiful sunny day, and after exploring the stunning location where his home is located, we settled down to shoot the cosmic shit. The first part of the resulting video is now online. We discuss the ’90s, underground zine culture, 2012, McKenna, and the I Ching. I’ll not post subsequent episodes here, please keep posted at the Reality Report, or via Facebook or Twitter.